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Succession Planning – Safeguarding the future

Succession Planning – Safeguarding the future

Do you experience trepidation and anxiety around how to safeguard your loved one’s future when you are no longer able to?

When you’ve spent years setting up a home and life for your child or family member, you become the expert, the warrior and the advocate that makes sure their needs and wellbeing are met in the best way possible.  It’s now important that you don’t let all that hard work go to waste.

Dianne Mandeville has been part of the Bespoke Lifestyles team for over 10 years.  With lived experience of building a full and inclusive life for her son, she developed her own Succession Plan to safeguard his future and make sure his lifestyle is maintained when she’s no longer around.

Dianne has now written a full course on Succession Planning which is live on the BL Training Hub.

Learn how to design and implement a succession plan for your loved one’s future. The course has been designed to guide you through a number of processes that allow you to explore the best options for where they will live, who will support them and how they can be safeguarded.

Modules include:

  • The Key components of building a succession plan
  • The important questions to ask yourself
  • Developing a vision for what a gool life looks like
  • Planning and exploring each aspect of life
  • Researching options and deciding who will help
  • Organising living arrangements
  • Organising the financial and legal arrangements

The launch price is at the greatly reduced price at of $94.

Using your NDIS Plan Funding to Complete the course

Participants with self-managed or plan managed NDIS plans can claim the cost of the course from Core Supports or relevant Capacity Building Supports

Visit the BL Training Hub and start your planning today!