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SDA Applications Approved

SDA Applications Approved

Are you looking to start your SDA Application and unsure of the process?

Over the past two weeks, Bespoke Lifestyles have had 2 SDA applications approved by the NDIS.  Both participants will be moving into their own home at the end of October!

What is the Process of an SDA Application?

Step 1 – Create a Housing Goal

Working with your Support Coordinator, create a housing goal that will support your SDA application. This goal does not have to be in depth, it just needs to outline your goal of living independently. This goal does not have to be in your current plan as it can be added to a change in circumstances form (form outlines in step 3, below).

Example of an SDA goal:

“I would like to move into a property that is suitable for my support needs”

Step 2 – Gather appropriate evidence for the application

A vital part of the SDA process is gathering evidence through reporting (the NDIS’ favourite thing… more reports!). The following reports are important for your SDA application:

  • Functional Capacity Assessment & Housing Report from an Occupational Therapist
  • Any incident reports that detail why your current living situation is not suitable or why you require to live by yourself.
  • Support Coordination Report.
  • NDIS Home & Living Form (this can be filled out with your Occupational Therapist or Support Coordinator)
  • Any additional reports that outline your need for moving into a specialised property.

Step 3 – Submit the application with a Change of Circumstances form

Once everything has been gathered, your Support Coordinator can submit the SDA application. As of recently, this application must be submitted with a Change in Circumstances Form.

Step 4 – SDA Outcome

It can take many months for an SDA decision to be made. If the NDIS do deem you eligible for SDA, they will contact you to let you know. It is important that you get this decision in writing either via an email or in your NDIS plan.

The decision will outline:

  • SDA build type
  • SDA design category
  • Location
  • Number of residents
  • The yearly amount

If you are not happy with the decision made, you are able to submit a review of a reviewable decision (S100) application within the first 3 months. It is best to do this with your Support Coordinator.

Step 5 – Go Shopping!!

If you are happy with the SDA decision, congratulations, you can go shopping!

As mentioned above, it is important to get the decision in writing. SDA providers will want to see a decision in writing before they let you move into their property.

You can find available SDA properties through the following websites: