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Key Safe Access for Queensland Ambulance

Key Safe Access for Queensland Ambulance

What would happen if you have an accident when you’re home alone?

If you live alone and are at risk of fall or injury it might be worth considering installing a Key Safe to allow Queensland Ambulance or other support to access your home.

If you’re unable to reach the door to allow access for the necessary help and support you may face the possibility of damage, or perhaps being trapped without the immediate help that you require.

Purchasing and installing a key safe to an external location on your home will allow easy access for emergency services such as Queensland Ambulance Service.

Once your Key Safe is installed you can call QAS on 13 74 68 and press option 3.  From here you will be transferred to your local ambulance network where relevant details will be taken.

  • Your address will be logged
  • The location of your Key Safe
  • The code for your Key Safe
  • Details of your situation (disability, living alone etc.)

Should you need to call emergency to your home, the Key Safe access details will accompany your emergency information.  The paramedics will then be able to access your home without damaging your property.

The details will be held on their database for 12 months, after which you will need to update and request the process for an additional 12 months.