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Air Purifier from Low Cost AT Budget

Air Purifier from Low Cost AT Budget

Can I use my low cost assistive technology (AT) budget to purchase a portable air purifier?

Did you know that you may be able to purchase a portable air purifier from your Consumables budget?

You can temporarily use your existing Core – Consumables budget to purchase a portable air purifier to ensure safe access to NDIS funded supports in your home, where you:

  • have a disability that compromises your breathing (lung function) and/or puts you at increased risk of acquiring, or becoming very unwell if  you acquire COVID-19
  • are at increased risk of acquiring COVID-19 due to the nature and volume of close personal supports you receive each day from support workers in your home
  • are unable to (due to disability) effectively minimise your risk of acquiring COVID-19 by following public health advice (e.g. to wear a mask), or otherwise ensure adequate ventilation within your home or residence by other means (e.g. opening windows).

The expected price range for a portable air purifier can range between $300-$700 per unit.

You do not need to provide any evidence or otherwise seek approval for any low cost AT device purchased below $1,500 in value, but you must keep the evidence.

For more information visit the Flexible Low Cost AT for Support Continuity on the NDIS Website.